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You may get a warning about allowing "active content".  If you choose to allow this function, please click the GAYRADIO logo or banner seen at the top of most of our web pages and our homepage at  The Windows Media Player should load and you will be taken to the Gay Public Radio broadcast currently playing.

FULL ACCESS members please note that UNCENSORED RADIO may be only available via your choice of three players displayed above which can be accessed only by logging in to your members' page.  If needed, download a free player from its web site; links to their respective sites are displayed above.

Program loading times may vary, depending on your internet connection.  With heavy internet traffic, there may be momentary interruptions in the audio stream.  If the signal drops or is completely dead, as with system maintenance or when our programming switches to "live", try reconnecting immediately or at a later time.  If the problem persists, please contact us at the following location:


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