Imagine a no-holds-barred deconstruction of the
latest movies and DVD releases (and maybe some 
TV and websites thrown in!), where the reviewers 
are not getting paid nor have allegiance to any studio.  
Imagine an "Ebert and Roeper" type of show where the 
critics tell the audience the truth about movies 
from a gay perspective.
Voila!  No need to strain your brain any further-
GAYRADIO'S (R) Reel Friends  is such a show,
brought to us by a bevy of self-proclaimed critics,
who are every day people.  Read their bios below. 

WILL CLARK is a producer, fundraiser, MC, performer and writer who has been involved in the gay adult entertainment industry for the past decade. In New York, he produces and hosts two regular weekly events, Porno Bingo and Porn Idol.
Having raised over half a million dollars for charities in the past nine years, Will is also the creator of  the annual Bad Boys Pool Party in Palm Springs, the Bad Boys on the Hudson Sea Tea in New York and other "Bad Boys" events . Additionally, Will performs his one man show, ALTERED EGO, at gay/lesbian theatres about his life in the gay porn industry and writes a weekly news column, "Porn Star Confidential" for websites, magazines and columns for AllBoy and BadPuppy magazines, as well as the  popular     "Will Clark MANhattan  Newsletter" about New York events for his site and You can find more about him at, and

Anil Vora

Anil was born and raised in Bombay, India, where life itself is a cross between a Fellini fantasia, an epic William Wyler drama, and absurdist comedy of Charlie Chaplin all directed by the culturally appropriate flair of Mira Nair. Like many Indians, he realized very early on that he wasn't born into the life of a princess. The only way to dull that pain was to surrender to the magic that is Bollywood cinema. Since all Bollywood
movies are musicals, Anil learned to sing and dance before he could talk and

Flash forward to the mid-1980s when Anil came to the United States. He
quickly realized that he wasn't going to have the life of a princess here either. That's when he converted to the church of Hollywood cinema. On "Reel Friends with Anil and Andy" he shares with us nearly four decades of obsession with cinema. His reviews come from a fascination with how cinema influences masses of people at the cultural, political and creative levels.  When asked if someone were to make a movie of Anil's life who would he like to play his part, he says, "Emma Thompson, of course. In brown face. Movies can - and do - make us believe in anything."

For comments or questions about Bollywood films, please e-mail Anil at


T.B. Lawrence is a freelance writer and film buff who has written for The Pasadena Weekly and Forefront. He obtained a B.A. in Creative Writing from Antioch University, and is currently studying towards his M.A. in Film/Screenwriting while working on a feature-length screenplay. Among his other interests are travel, hiking, music, and classic cars. Born and raised in New York, he currently lives near Los Angeles.




DEREK SCOTT GRAVES is the Director of Publicity & Marketing for Star69 Records and PR for Grammy Award winning DJ/Producer Peter Rauhofer.  Star 69 Records is an independent NYC-based label founded in 1999 by Peter Rauhofer.  Derek, in addition, is part of the SAINT AT LARGE event team.  Earlier this year, Derek won a Winter Music Conference Award IDMA -for the "Best Record Label Promoter In-House".
*for more information:


Andy Caldwell

Andy was born and raised in the culturally-challenged wilds of north Idaho by two very loving and very Fundamentalist Christian parents. Their religion told them that most television and cinema was "of the devil," and hence limited young Andy's access to popular culture.

In 1977, after relentless begging and pleading from Andy, his parents finally allowed him to see his first live-action film, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". That experience seeded his life-long appreciation of film, drama, and photography. When he wasn't sneaking peeks at reruns of original sci-fi hits "Star Trek" or "Twilight Zone," he was making little 8mm movies with the camera Mom & Dad had given him for Christmas.

He realized at quite an early age that he was "different" when he found himself fascinated with a nearly-nude Patrick Duffy strutting around NBC-TV in swim trunks as "The Man From Atlantis." Taunted by his peers for his developing queerness, he fled to a series of Christian private schools, then started college at 17, studying creative writing and publishing. In the English department, he found himself naturally drawn to the community of "Drama" people, eventually writing, acting and directing plays in college and at the local civic theater.  After college, Andy moved to Seattle in 1993, where he continues his fascination with pop culture and indulges his current  passion of photography.

Eventually, Andy's parents learned to embrace their son's differentness, supporting his artistic endeavors and welcoming his boyfriends like family.  As his parents, unfortunately, have now both gone "to be with the Lord", he can watch all the movies and TV he likes.



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